Szkolenia Leadership

Szkolenia Leadership

Praktyczne szkolenie na żywo z przywództwa umożliwi uczestnikom zdobyć umiejętności lidera, wywierania wpływu na grupę, sprawowania zdrowej władzy i radzenia sobie w sytuacjach wymagających stanowczego podejmowania przemyślanych decyzji.

Szkolenie z przywództwa jest dostępne jako "szkolenie na miejscu" lub "szkolenie na żywo". Szkolenie na żywo w siedzibie klienta może odbywać się lokalnie w siedzibie klienta w Polsce lub w centrach szkoleniowych korporacji NobleProg w Polsce . Zdalne szkolenie na żywo odbywa się za pomocą interaktywnego, zdalnego pulpitu DaDesktop. NobleProg - Twój lokalny dostawca szkoleń.

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Nazwa kursu
Czas trwania
Nazwa kursu
Czas trwania
14 godzin

Staff who need to be fully aware of the issues surrounding Communicating and Influencing:

- Their colleagues
- Their bosses
- Their internal and external customers and stakeholders

Format of the course

The course will be a highly-interactive combination of:

- Facilitated Discussions
- Slide Presentations
- Exercises and Case Studies

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

- Appreciate the need to manage their own behaviour before they can influence others’ behaviour
- Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various communications media available
- Manage their internal and external customers and stakeholders
- Explain how to deal with the difficult situations they may encounter in the office
7 godzin
This course aims to inspire trainees to become leaders by showing what makes or breaks a leader.
35 godzin

This 5-day course will help delegates develop their strategic thinking, planning and management skills including the tactical and operational requirements for successful implementation in a banking environment. The course will deal with the tough issues of conflict management, managing change, what makes a good leader and how to motivate a team. Using interactive case studies as well as sector examples, delegates will be encouraged to share experiences and challenges to help build practical and work focused solutions which they can take back and actually use.

The core objective of the programme is to equip the executives with the skills to scan the business environment to uncover profitable business opportunities as well as develop strategies for gaining competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive business environment. Amongst others, the programme will also provide insight on leadership the best practices and behaviors that will strengthen the capacity of the executives to handle the complexities and uncertainties of managing a high performance financial institution.

Learning Objectives

After attending this course, delegates will be able to:

- Describe the main problems that are faced by a large bank;
- Explain the various approaches to organisational development planning;
- Analyse the current business environment and influences affecting the organisation;
- Analyse resources within and external to the organisation;
- Explain the various approaches to managing strategy and it place in the business plan;
- Evaluate the alternative development strategies so as to recommend the one(s) most suited to the needs of the firm.
- Apply a deeper understanding of strategic development plans;
- Discuss objectively the risks, benefits and costs that accompany the implementation of the new strategy including managing conflict in a team;
- Define approaches to managing the identified risks;
- Analyse the potential impacts on his or her firm (both positive and negative) that will result from implementing the new strategy;
- Design policies, systems and processes to successfully implement the emergent strategic plans;
- Cover the key steps in change management

Who Should Attend

- Product/Service Managers
- Newly appointed as well as established Managers and Team Leaders
- Heads of Operations
- Senior Bank Managers
- Human Resource Managers
- Operations Managers
- Marketing Managers

The course consists of facilitated workshops, supplemented by case studies drawn from a combination of published real life examples and/or practical experience. There will also be opportunities for attendees to work in small groups to synthesise ideas and strategies and to apply the material in the context of their own organisations/departments. Open forum discussions will also be a key element.
14 godzin
This course is part of the Data Scientist skill set (Domain: Advisory & Leadership).
14 godzin
Umiejętności zdobywane podczas kursu

- identyfikacja i zrozumienie procesów jakie mają miejsce w grupie pracowników na różnych etapach jej rozwoju
- identyfikacja umiejętności potrzebnych do efektywnej współpracy na różnych szczeblach
- umiejętności ułatwiające współprace grupową jak i indywidualną
- umiejętności komunikacyjne
14 godzin
Przeznaczenie kursu

Kurs jest przeznaczony dla osób odpowiedzialnych za uruchomienie i realizację projektów: członków Komitetów Sterujących oraz kierowników projektów i podprojektów.

Stanowi także niezbędne przygotowanie dla każdego, kto pracując na kierowniczym stanowisku chce odnosić sukcesy w zarządzaniu zespołami, delegowaniu zadań oraz motywowaniu.

Umiejętności zdobywane podczas kursu

- rozpoznawanie podstawowych zasad proces grupowego.
- budowanie efektywnego systemu komunikacji w zespole.
- rozpoznanie ról występujących w zespole.
- praktyczne stosowanie zasad efektywnego delegowania zadań.
- identyfikacja przyczyn oporu i błędów związanych z delegowaniem zadań.
- znajomość zasad efektywnego motywowania środkami materialnymi i niematerialnymi.
- psychologiczne zasady motywowania.
- efektywne stosowanie informacji zwrotnej i ocen w procesie motywowania.
21 godzin
At the end of the course, the participants should be able to:

- Acquire an understanding of self-mastery as a foundation for inspiring leaders
- Strengthen and sustain their execution capabilities and contribute to the creation of a high performance culture
- Lead cultural transformation and change processes in their respective areas of influence using emotional intelligence and change management tools


- Lecture
- Workshops
- Video showing
- Role playing
14 godzin
This instructor-led, live training in w Polsce (online or onsite) is aimed at engineering leaders and engineers who wish to analyze, manage, and develop their leadership skills.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to leverage strengths, apply values, manage stress, solve problems, and build a development plan to be an effective engineering leader.
7 godzin
This instructor-led, live training in w Polsce (online or onsite) is aimed at females who wish to learn about the roles and expectation of women in leadership. Through a variety of exercises and discussions, participants will strengthen their confidence and develop essential management and business skills as a leader on their path to becoming role models in their organizations.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

- Understand the role of female leaders in organizations.
- Develop a leadership mindset.
- Demonstrate leadership in team management and decision making.

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