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  • Experience with web development
  • PHP and Javascript programming experience


  • Developers


Magento is an open source website platform for e-commerce. It offers fully-featured and highly customizable tools for designing and building online stores.

This instructor-led, live training (online or onsite) is aimed at developers who wish to use Magento to design and build a secure and user-friendly online shopping site.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Set up the necessary development environment to start developing e-commerce sites with Magento.
  • Understand the architecture, core concepts, modules, and file structure in Magento.
  • Develop a functional and robust online store by customizing Magento components and modules.
  • Implement security enhancement practices in Magento to reduce vulnerabilities and potential cyber attacks.

Format of the Course

  • Interactive lecture and discussion.
  • Lots of exercises and practice.
  • Hands-on implementation in a live-lab environment.

Course Customization Options

  • To request a customized training for this course, please contact us to arrange.

Plan Szkolenia


  • Overview of Magento features and architecture
  • Core concepts, design patterns, and modules

Getting Started

  • Setting up the server
  • Installing Magento
  • Understanding default, developer, and production modes
  • Exploring file systems and sample data

Backend Development (PHP)

  • Understanding components and file structure
  • Managing extension repository structure
  • Initializing schema and data
  • Building and packaging components
  • Running functional and integration tests
  • Implementing partial and full page caching
  • Using CLI commands

Frontend Development

  • Developing themes, layout, and templates
  • Customizing themes using CSS
  • Designing a mobile-responsive UI (RWD)
  • Customizing RWD illustration and breakpoints
  • Creating locale dictionaries
  • Translating theme strings
  • Validating custom forms

Security Management

  • Enhancing password management
  • Preventing cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)
  • Restricting access and file permissions
  • Secure coding in Magento
  • Managing incident response

Troubleshooting and Best Practices

Summary and Next Steps

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