Course Outline

Day I

Introduction to Magento

  • Quick description Magento 2
  • Comparison of Community and Commerce versions
  • Pricing Magento Commerce
  • Magento Commerce Cloud
  • Differences from Magento 1

Construction Magento 2

  • Overview of the MVVM pattern
  • Project structure
  • Dependency management (composer, PSR-4 Autoloader)
  • Single module structure
  • Module registration
  • Discuss Websites, Store Groups, Store Views
    • Several stores in one instance Magento 2
    • Multilingualism
    • Config scopes

Advanced Magento 2 - Database

  • Configuration tables (settings, module versioning)
  • Verification of the module version in the database, creating your own configuration in the administration panel, discussion of ACL
  • Setup scripts
  • UpgradeSchema script
  • Persistence Layer
  • Creating a persistence layer (Model, ResourceModel, Collection)
  • EAV pattern overview
  • EAV in Magento2
  • Types of EAV entities in Magento2
  • Feature sets
  • Extension attributes
  • Flat tables
  • Database sharding

Advanced Magento 2 - PHP

  1. Managing class dependencies (Service Contract, discussion of Dependency Injection patterns, Dependency Inversion, discussion of how Dependency Injection works in M2, ObjectManager)

  2. Code generation

  • Factory
  • Interceptor
  • Proxies

Magento 2 CLI

  • Feature overview
  • Creating your own command to create model objects
  • Controllers in Magento 2
  • Creating your own frontend controller
  • Own logger in Magento 2
  • Extension methods Magento - override, plugin (discussion of the Interceptor pattern), event observation (discussion of the Observer pattern)
  • Creating your own Observer and your own Event (in the controller) and a plugin on your own frontend controller and a logger for both classes

Day II

Advanced Magento 2 - frontend

  • Themes
  • Elementfrontend modules, layouts, blocks, view models
  • Creating a template, view model and displaying objects from the collection
  • Preprocessor Less
  • Adding LESS styles to the view
  • RequireJS
  • KnockoutJS
  • UI Components
  • Generating static files

Operating modes Magento 2

Session PHP

  • Ways to store sessions
  • Configuration Redis

Full Page Cache

  • FPC Magento2 (files, Redis, Varnish)
  • Varnish configuration
  • Hole punching

Cron in Magento 2

  • Operation overview
  • Your own cronjob

Cache in Magento 2

  • Built-in types
  • Own cache

Indexers Magento 2

REST and SOAP APIs in Magento 2

  • Discussion of authentication methods
  • Overview of available methods
  • Defining your own API endpoints
  • Creating a Data Contract and Service Contract Repository, connecting the get method from the Repository to WebAPI

Integration tests, unit tests

Creating a listing and a form for model objects using UI Components

Block: deploy automation & monitoring & performance tests:

Deploy automation tools: GitLab CI/CD, GitLab Runner

How to perform a safe deployment with zero downtime and fast rollback

Monitoring Magento ─ New Relic


Tests with LoadImpact. How to prepare scenarios and simulate production traffic.

Cache warming for Varnish


Good knowledge PHP

 14 Hours

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