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Kod Nazwa Czas trwania (po 7h zegarowych dziennie) Przegląd
drupalcom Sklep Internetowy z Drupal Commerce 7 hours This course covers configuring an online store with Drupal and Commerce module. We always run this course on the current version of Drupal and modules, but if you require a specific version, please let us know. Very Quick Overview Installing Drupal Commerce Ubercart vs Commerce Products Fields Features Product Kits Pricing Product Pricing Rules Currency Conversion Discounts and Coupons Price Components Rules Overview Sell Price Calculation Shopping Cart Add to Cart Form Anonymous Carts and Logged In Users Cart Refresh Modifying the Shopping Cart using Views Shopping Cart and Multi-Currency Shopping Carts, Orders, and Line Items Working with Cart Rules events Checkout Process Checkout Form builder Checkout Completion Rules Checkout Order Status Updates Checkout Single vs. Multiple Page Checkout: Anonymous vs. Authenticated Drupal Commerce Extra Panes Payments CC cards supported Paypal Invoice Cash and other options Managing Orders Viewing orders Order status Tax Configuration Simple Taxes Conditional Taxes Examples of US and European taxes (other taxes needs to bee agreed before the course) Shipping Available integrations Choosing shipping companies

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SzkolenieData KursuCena szkolenia [Zdalne / Stacjonarne]
Online Store with Drupal Commerce - Zakopane ul. Jagiellońska 30 śr., 2016-12-21 09:004990PLN / 1862PLN
Online Store with Drupal Commerce - Warszawa, ul. Złota 3/11śr., 2016-12-21 09:004990PLN / 1712PLN
Online Store with Drupal Commerce - Poznań, Garbary 100/63czw., 2016-12-22 09:004990PLN / 1712PLN
Online Store with Drupal Commerce - Gdańsk, ul. Powstańców Warszawskich 45pt., 2016-12-23 09:004990PLN / 1862PLN
Online Store with Drupal Commerce - Katowice ul. Opolska 22śr., 2016-12-28 09:004990PLN / 1862PLN
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